Match Stories

Richard & Charlie


Richard served in the Army as a Specialist during Operation Enduring Freedom. He received many ribbons and medals throughout his service. After returning home Richard suffered from PTSD, TBI, Depression and Anxiety. He asked Pets for Vets to find him a dog that would be his companion through each day and encourage him to walk more. Richard and his wife have two cats, finding a dog that wouldn’t disrupt their current pets was also a requirement.

Charlie was found in a local animal shelter with no known history. He is thought to be a 3 – 4 year old German shepherd mix that was brought in as a stray. After being assessed by our trainer and passing the Pets for Vets Evaluation he was adopted and began training right away. Charlie had to learn how to live in a home, walk on a leash and have a positive relationship with cats.

Charlie has a calm and social temperament that was exactly what Richard was looking for in a companion dog. On Match Day it was all smiles and hugs for Richard and Charlie!



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