Matches From Portland, ME

Matches From Portland, ME Chapter

Michael & Freya

Army Sergeant, Michael, served our country for 7 years. He was deployed to Germany and served a tour in Iraq. While serving in Iraq, an explosion to a nearby vehicle left Michael with invisible scars.

Chris and Oscar.jpeg
chris & Oscar

Meet Chris an Army veteran of 17 years and a two time recipient of the Bronze Star Medal in addition to several others. He retired from the Army after suffering a life threatening parachute malfunction,

Portland, ME Steve and Wiskers.PNG
Steve & Wiskers

Introducing Steve and Whiskers who were matched on New Years Day 2016! Steve was a member of the Army and Whiskers came to Maine from Mississippi.

Amy & Mac

Portland Maine's November match: Amy is a retired Air Force Staff Sergeant who served her country for 12 years. While trying to help herself heal from her anxiety attacks and PTSD,

Portland, ME James and Judd.jpg
James & Judd

Meet Portland Maine's latest match: Veteran James with his new companion Judd. James had extensive physical injuries while serving in addition to problems with sleeping,

Portland, ME Jerry and Murphy.jpg
Jerry & Murphy

Jerry has been matched with his new companion, a young lab named Murphy. Jerry and Murphy recently attended an employee meeting at PayChex, in Auburn, Maine, where they were a big hit.

Portland, ME Darryl and Winston.jpg
Darryl & Winston

Darryl, an Iraqi-era veteran, has been matched with Winston. Since matching, Winston has gotten to know the neighborhoods while going on walks, and he's been a familiar face at...

Portland, ME Alan and Eddie.jpg
Alan & Eddie

This is Alan, and his new dog, Eddie.

Eddie is super playful and keeps Alan busy with games of tug and fetch.

Portland, ME Bob and Maggie.jpg
Bob & Maggie

Bob, who served in both Vietnam and Cambodia, has been matched with a Pointer mix named Maggie. He enjoys "taking his little girl for a walk!"

Portland, ME Jesse and Jeremiah.jpg
Jessie & Jeremiah

Jesse, our first veteran in the Portland, ME Chapter, is delighted with Jeremiah, his new companion dog. Jeremiah is fantastic! Yesterday afternoon I took him for a walk,

Richard & Charlie

Richard served in the Army as a Specialist during Operation Enduring Freedom. He received many ribbons and medals throughout his service. After returning home Richard suffered from...

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