Matches From Ridgefield, CT

Matches From Ridgefield, CT Chapter

Steve & Jimi

My life had become a mess, so I went to the VA at West Haven, Connecticut, and checked in to seven years of ongoing programs. One of my therapists suggested I get a pet to help be through

Chuck & Leslie

Hello, my name is Chuck Gartland. I was in the Marine Corp. from 1967 to 1971. I was a second place finisher in the Southeast-Asian War Games. When I came home I had spine damage and...

Ridgefield, CT Annabella and Bonnie.jpg
Annabelle & Bonnie

"Annabelle and I are best buddies. She is the reason I get out of bed everyday. She gives me unconditional love and companionship and...

Ridgefield, CT MaryAnn and Wookiee.jpg
MaryAnn & Wookiee

My name is MaryAnn Dyer. I am a 100% disabled Army veteran with a combat military occupational skill (MOS) in intelligence. My clearance is a TSBICI.

Ridgefield, CT Melanie and Abby.jpg
Melanie & Abby

Meet Melanie Johnson: I joined the United States Air Force on April 25th 2006 and served for nearly ten years (9 years and 8 months) in Dyess AFB Texas and Ramstein AB, Germany.

Ridgefield, CT Eddy and Sam.jpg
Eddy & Sam

We are proud to announce another veteran pet match between Eddy and Sam. Eddy is in his 21st year of service, with three tours overseas: Afghanistan, Iraq, and Kuwait.

Charlie & Aliana

Charlton Johnson is a former Marine who suffers from severe PTSD and depression. After contacting Pets for Vets, Charlton met with Didi Tulloch and Mary Jo Duffy.

Earl & Dani

Dani, abandoned and pregnant, wandered to a family’s home in West Virginia. Unable to care for Dani the family reached out to their local rescue who took Dani in...

Ridgefield, CT George and Trinity.jpg
George & Trinity

The Pets for Vets ROAR CT Chapter is thrilled to announce their third veteran-pet match – George and Trinity! George is a Marine Corporal who was looking for a companion dog to help with...

Ridgefield, CT Rus and Tink.png
Russ & Tink

The ROAR-Ridgefield Connecticut chapter has its second pet/veteran match! Meet Russ and Tink. Russ is a Staff Sergeant in the Army, served in OIF (06-07 and 2011) and is currently in the...

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