Matches From Ridgefield, CT

Matches From Ridgefield, CT Chapter

John and Moose.jpg
John & Moose

Meet our latest match! We were thrilled to bring John and Moose together. Moose is a very special little dog. Read how he is helping John.

Robert & Berra

Trisha, now Berra, was in foster care but was waiting for her forever home. There was no reason this wonderful dog was not adopted sooner except she was waiting for Robert.

Chuck & Scout

Meet Chuck and Scout. We fell in love with Scout the moment we met her. After Scout’s time with her wonderful foster family, Lori and Steve Mazzola, she was ready for her forever home.

John & Emma

Emma waits for John on the stair landing as soon as she hears his car pull into the garage. She often gets so excited she will  whine with excitement.

Steve & Jimi

My life had become a mess, so I went to the VA at West Haven, Connecticut, and checked in to seven years of ongoing programs. One of my therapists suggested I get a pet to help be through

Chuck & Charlie

Hello, my name is Chuck Gartland. I was in the Marine Corp. from 1967 to 1971. I was a second place finisher in the Southeast-Asian War Games. When I came home I had spine damage and...

Ridgefield, CT Annabella and Bonnie.jpg
Annabelle & Bonnie

"Annabelle and I are best buddies. She is the reason I get out of bed everyday. She gives me unconditional love and companionship and...

Ridgefield, CT MaryAnn and Wookiee.jpg
MaryAnn & Wookiee

My name is MaryAnn Dyer. I am a 100% disabled Army veteran with a combat military occupational skill (MOS) in intelligence. My clearance is a TSBICI.

Ridgefield, CT Melanie and Abby.jpg
Melanie & Abby

Meet Melanie Johnson: I joined the United States Air Force on April 25th 2006 and served for nearly ten years (9 years and 8 months) in Dyess AFB Texas and Ramstein AB, Germany.

Ridgefield, CT Eddy and Sam.jpg
Eddy & Sam

We are proud to announce another veteran pet match between Eddy and Sam. Eddy is in his 21st year of service, with three tours overseas: Afghanistan, Iraq, and Kuwait.

Charlie & Aliana

Charlton Johnson is a former Marine who suffers from severe PTSD and depression. After contacting Pets for Vets, Charlton met with Didi Tulloch and Mary Jo Duffy.

Earl & Dani

Dani, abandoned and pregnant, wandered to a family’s home in West Virginia. Unable to care for Dani the family reached out to their local rescue who took Dani in...

Ridgefield, CT George and Trinity.jpg
George & Trinity

The Pets for Vets ROAR CT Chapter is thrilled to announce their third veteran-pet match – George and Trinity! George is a Marine Corporal who was looking for a companion dog to help with...

Ridgefield, CT Rus and Tink.png
Russ & Tink

The ROAR-Ridgefield Connecticut chapter has its second pet/veteran match! Meet Russ and Tink. Russ is a Staff Sergeant in the Army, served in OIF (06-07 and 2011) and is currently in the...

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