We thank the people who have found interesting and creative ways to raise money for and/or awareness of Pets for Vets.


Theo from Worcester County, MA

We thank the people who have found interesting and creative ways to raise money for and/or awareness of Pets for Vets.


Greenland Elementary School

Pets for Vets thanks the third grade students, families, and teachers from Greenland Elementary School in a Oconomowoc, WI for their wonderful donation and letter. To protect the children’s privacy, we are not posting the letter here but it is heartwarming to see so many young signatures on a letter supporting our troops and pets.


Promoting & Protecting Animals through Compassion and Kindness

Pocahontas Middle School in Henrico, VA has a humane education club called Promoting & Protecting Animals through Compassion and Kindness (P.A.C.K.). They focus on “Students speaking up for animals” and fostering the students’ love of animals.

Our thanks to Debra Milby, the 7th grade counselor, and the students in P.A.C.K. for their kind donation to Pets for Vets.

We appreciate their support and are pleased to see that schools are sponsoring clubs such as this one.


Diligent Dog

Diligent Dog is an online based retailer that creates high quality clothing and aspires to give back to the ones that help and support us the most. Our thanks to MaryKate for donating 10% of the profits for Pets for Vets.

why i run.jpg

Running for a Reason

The Pittsburgh Marathon, Running for a Reason, encourages runners to raise money for a charity of their choice.

Our thanks to Steve Keith for choosing Pets for Vets as his reason to run.


VCA North Main Street Veterinary Clinic

Our thanks to the staff of VCA North Main Street Veterinary Clinic in Brockton, MA. Their first Santa Paws event was open to dogs & cats to come in and have their photos taken with Santa & Mrs. Claus. All money raised was donated to Pets for Vets.

The company wanted to help out the military men & women returning from overseas. Their Medical Director, Dr. Melvin Haddad DVM, is a veteran and was a veterinarian in the military. And many of their staff members have family or friends who are active in the military. This was just their way to help out, say Thank you, and show their support. They are pleased that their first event was successful and are looking forward to doing it again next year.

Our thanks to the staff.: Top row: Dr. Melvin Haddad DVM, Meaghan Richards, & Stefanie Ferreira; Bottom row are: Dr. Jonathan Zuker DVM, Courtney Tormey, & Casidhe LaBate.

burlington HS.jpg

Shauna from Burlington, WI

Our thanks to Shauna, a sophomore at Burlington High School in Wisconsin. Recently, her Honors Public Speaking teacher assigned a persuasive/informative speech in which each student in the class was required to select a charity and give a 6-10 minute speech explaining the charity, what it does, and try to persuade the class to donate to that charity.

Shauna chose Pets for Vets as her charity. Once everyone had presented their speeches, each student ranked the speeches & charities in order, with #1 being the best speech and the charity they chose to receive the donation.

Pets for Vets was voted to be the recipient! Shauna’s speech resulted in a $200+ donation for our Madison WI Chapter. Our thanks to the Honors Public Speaking teacher at Burlington High School for giving this assignment, to Shauna for doing such an excellent job, and to her classmates for their donations.

Alianna Nora.jpg

Aliana and Nora

Our thanks to two enterprising girls who found a great way to help Pets for Vets. They live near a golf course and collected the stray golf balls. They set up tables by the course to sell them.

By the end of 4-5 days, they raised $100! We are pleased that they wanted to help our veterans, that they found a creative and ecological way to raise money, and that they choose Pets for Vets as the recipient of their hard work. Thank you, Aliana and Nora!

happy hippy husky.jpg

The Happy Hippie Husky

The Happy Hippie Husky is a growing family business from Newville PA. They have a passion for canine care and believe in trying the natural and holistic approach first. We thank them for donating 10% of their sales to Pets for Vets!

open mic night.gif

Open Mic Night

Suzy Hamme and Shank’s Tavern hosted an open mic night with live music in Lancaster, PA to raise funds for Pets for Vets!

jack and anna from NY.jpg

Jack and Anna From NY

Our thanks to Anna and Jack, 3rd graders from New York.

They organized a fund raiser at their school for Pets for Vets!

Kinser elementry.jpg

Kinser Elementary School

Kinser ES is a DoDDS school located in the Pacific consisting of military and civilian children. The Kinser community knows first hand what it means to be deployed and were passionate to help. Kinser PTO, student council, and two-3rd grade classes collaborated to make Pets for Vets a 21st Century Learning initiative raising over $1,000.00 through a Food Flea Bake Sale.

pawtucketville memorial school.jpg

Pawtucketville Memorial School

These twelve 4th grade students make up a group called PALS (Peer Advocates Leading Students) at the Pawtucketville Memorial School in Lowell, Massachusetts. They organized the entire school in a collection drive for Pets For Vets, Portland Maine.

Thanks to them, we now have enough items and treats for many, many matches. When people say “Kids these days,” we say, “Aren’t they wonderful!” Thank you PALS, staff, teachers, students and parents.


HDR Fundraising

HDR is a large engineering, architecture, environmental and construction services company with 225 locations worldwide. Their Las Vegas office heard about our organization, were passionate about our mission, and decided to organize a multi-event fundraising effort to benefit our Las Vegas chapter. We thank them for their support and hope they reach their fundraising goal!

we go on.jpg

We Go On: Charity Anthology for Veterans

The editors of the We Go On: Charity Anthology for Veterans have chosen Pets for Vets as the recipient of the proceeds of their sales during May 2015.

We thank them for their support!

swiss time portland ME.jpg

Swiss Time in Portland, ME

Swiss Time is a small family business located in the Old Port area of Portland, Maine, selling contemporary and vintage watches and clocks. Pets for Vets was their charity for the month of March 2015. Their raffle raised enough money to cover the cost of a match and more!

AJ Brooks.jpg

AJ Brooks, aka WWE’s AJ Lee

AJ Brooks, aka WWE’s AJ Lee, has selected Pets for Vets as her featured organization on her new website

We thank her for helping us to raise awareness and for donating the proceeds of her auctions to Pets for Vets.

530 collective.jpg

The 530 Collective

We would like to recognize the amazing staff at the 530 Collective in Redding California who hosted a four band concert at the Win-River Casino to benefit Pet for Vets.

They, along with the local community, came out in force with over forty raffle prizes which raised over $8,000 that will directly improve the lives of veterans and shelter dogs in Northern California.


A big thank you to for donating many memberships for our golf outing in southeast Michigan.

veterand say 2014.jpg

Veterans Day 2014 in SW Indiana

Chandler Elementary School in Warrick County, Indiana started a coin collection “We Care” fundraiser for the Pets for Vets Southwest Indiana Chapter.

Veteran Steve, with his Pets for Vets dog Teddy, kicked off the event along with a local clown who made balloon dogs. Pets for Vets member Gary Wilcher was there to explain our work.

On the last day of school before Christmas break, Chandler Elementary School presented our chapter with a sizable check. On January 9th, Pets for Vets presented the school with a plaque thanking them for their very generous donation. Veteran Chris and her new forever friend, Allie, were there to let the kids see, once again, how our veterans are so pleased to have a well-trained dog in their lives.

pet food express.jpg

Pet Food Express in Pleasanton, CA

Supporting Those Who Support Us – Thank you to the wonderful team of dog lovers at the Pet Food Express in Pleasanton for gathering donations and supplies for our veterans. If you live or work in the area, please stop by and give Victoria,… Arianna, Casey, Tom, and Noah a big thanks for us. If you don’t live in the area, just know that Pet Food Express employs big hearted, community focused young people, so let’s support them by shopping there when you can. Oh and we can’t forget Chuck, the dog who was found as a stray now being fostered by one of the employees and looking for his forever home.

le bakery sensual.jpg

Le Bakery Sensual from Denver, CO

Le’ Bakery Sensual provides, at no charge, cupcakes for our fundraising events in Denver and are even awesome enough to do them last minute AND put cute animals on them! We thank the owner, John, and his staff.

veronica from rimsersburg PA.jpg

Veronica from Rimsersburg, PA

Veronica turned 16 on Veteran’s Day 2014 and asked her guests to bring a monetary donation for Pets for Vets or items for the Anna Shelter in Erie, PA instead of birthday presents. In addition to an significant amount of cash, her guests brought enough animal supplies to fill a van. We thank her and her friends for their support!

Christina from litting wing connections.jpg

Christina from Little Wing Connections

We thank Christina Baird for giving us detailed coverage in her blog Little Wing Connections. Thank you for helping spread the word about Pets for Vets!

regan from whiting.jpg

Reagan from Whiting, IN

At just 7 years old, Reagan Klapak has not only learned but mastered the unselfish act of generosity to others. Reagan celebrated his 7th birthday recently and asked that everyone donate to Pets for Vets – Chicagoland Chapter instead of giving him birthday presents. Reagan comes from a family with a strong military background and wanted his birthday money to benefit a local organization that worked with both veterans and dogs. We are honored that he chose Pets for Vets – Chicagoland.

Many thanks to Reagan and his guests. They raised an impressive sum that will go a long way to a veteran-pet match.

Critters and more.jpg

“Critters and More” in Redding, CA

Critters and More is a small mom (Sandy) and pop, (her veteran husband, Steve) store. It grew from a mother and son’s passion for reptiles and other critters.

They organized a fundraiser for Pets for Vets. They did all the work and found vendors who supplied all the prizes for the raffle. We didn’t have to do a thing except show up at their event with a cute Pets for Vets dog in training and we received $750!

We appreciate their dedication and are happy they chose us as the recipient of their hard work.

back that pass up.jpg

“’Back That Pass Up” of ZOG sports in Los Angeles

ZOG sports is a recreational, charity-oriented, co-ed, social sports league. “Back That Pass Up”, a football team in Los Angeles, has chosen us as their charity for the second year! Our thanks to Joey Mackey who suggested Pets for Vets as the team’s charity and to the rest of the team for agreeing with him. Congratulations on your defending your championship and thank you for making us part of it.

Nicholas from PA.jpg

Nicholas from Pennsylvania

Nicholas, a young supporter from Pennsylvania, had a WWII themed birthday to help doctors and veterans. He asked the party goers to bring items for dog care instead of gifts. Our Las Vegas chapter will be including these items in the Welcome Packages provided to the veteran-pet matches.

Our thanks to Nicholas for his thoughtfulness.

Noel chihuahua.jpg

Noel the Alaskan Chihuahua

Noel the Alaskan Chihuahua came in second in a photo contest and thoughtfully donated the prize money to Pets for Vets. Thank you for assisting your fellow canines!

mayas 8th bday.jpeg

Maya’s 8th Birthday

Our thanks to Maya who donated her birthday money to Pets for Vets. Her generosity inspired several other people to donate in her honor. We appreciate the support!

susan D schubert.jpg

Susan D. Schubert, author of “There’s a HUMAN in my Bed: True Tales Told by the Dogs”

It will be published on May 26th, 2014, Memorial Day. Pets for Vets veteran-pet matches are featured in several chapters. Content includes real-life stories from the dogs’ perspective about how they found their homes, entertain themselves, help their humans recover as well as a section with five-paw recommended resources.
For information about ordering, click here.

chuys pet magnets.jpg

Chuy’s Pet Magnets

Chuy’s Pet Magnets is pleased to give back to the community by donating $1 for each item sold via their website to a charity selected by their customers.

Pets for Vets is pleased to be one of the choices.

jon sutz.jpg

Jon Sutz, author of “Saved by Shayna”

Jon Sutz’s ebook, “Saved by Shayna: Life Lessons from a Miracle Dog” tells the heartwarming story of how a man, distraught after the 9/11 attacks, and a remarkable rescue puppy found each other, and forged an amazing spiritual partnership that helped each to begin healing from their severe individual traumas.

Jon is donating a percentage of the proceeds to Pets for Vets.

jackie dudley.jpg

Jackie Dudley from Roanoke, VA

Jackie Dudley has made a new year’s resolution to collect change during 2014 and donate it to Pets for Vets in memory of her grandfather, a WWII veteran who passed away last year. Jackie is encouraging her friends to join her in this effort. Thank you, Jackie! We look forward to tracking your progress throughout the year.

blum animal hospital.jpg

Blum Animal Hospital

Blum Animal Hospital located in the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago held an item drive for Pets for Vets Chicago during the month of November. The car was packed to the brim with items and we are incredibly grateful to the staff and customers for their generosity!

st matthias school.jpg

St. Matthias School in Somerset, NJ

The 7th and 8th grade classes in St. Matthias School in Somerset, NJ collected money to honor all veterans. They chose to donate this money to Pets for Vets. Part of the donation came from a young man who gave all of his birthday money hoping to make a difference for our veterans. Thank you for your support!

jackie kahn.jpg

Jackie Kahn Katz Berman, The TommyG Show

Jackie Kahn Katz Berman selected Pets for Vets to be the Cause of the Day on The TommyG Show on December 18, 2013.

nancy livingston.jpg

Nancy Livingston, Marathon Runner

Nancy Livingston of Bloomfield, NJ recently raised money for Pets for Vets while she was training for the NYC Marathon. She found running her first (but not her last) marathon to be an amazing experience.

It was made all the more satisfying because I was raising money and awareness for such a wonderful cause! Supporting veterans who have sacrificed so much for our country, as well as saving shelter animals are two things that we need much, much more of!

rick austin.jpg

Rick Austin, Preparedness Radio

Not only does Rick Austin, of Preparedness Radio, promote Pets for Vets on his show, he devoted Show 24: Courage, Hope, Valor: The Lifesaving Therapy of Pets for Vets to an interview with Pets for Vets founder, Clarissa Black. Listen to the interview here.



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