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In Loving Memory of John Studer

We miss our friend John Studer, a Pets for Vets Southwest Indiana trainer who had a very tender, concerned way about him and was so eager to learn. He shadowed a trainer for weeks before he stepped out on his own, and trained Cheyenne in the spring of 2015—a Veteran-pet match that couldn't be better. Sadly, John became ill shortly after that placement.

We sincerely appreciate his efforts and camaraderie during his time with Pets for Vets Southwest Indiana. Thanks for everything, John.

Libby's new pups

Libby was adopted from Warrick Humane Society as a companion for Eric, a veteran in his sixties plagued with sleeplessness and anxiety. Her quiet demeanor and the peace in her golden eyes was a perfect match for her veteran. Unlike most veterans, Eric had a chance to meet Libby soon after she was adopted and placed with a Pets for Vets trainer. Eric and Libby connected instantly—love at first sight, and Eric could hardly wait for the training period to end so she could be his. But Libby’s training took an unexpected twist. Only a few days after meeting Eric, Libby’s veterinarian noticed a slight bulge in her belly. An ultrasound confirmed his suspicions—Libby was pregnant! This was a first for Southwest Indiana Pets for Vets. Returning Libby to the shelter wasn’t an option—she’d already met Eric and he was adamant that he still wanted her—but not the puppies. Fortunately, Libby’s trainer was up for the challenge of taking care of a future Mom and dealing with an at-home delivery. Within a month, Libby delivered six puppies—all healthy and squirming. Now the real work began! The first week of care was mostly on Libby—she fed and cleaned her pups and they steadily gained weight. By the time they were big enough to see and hear, it became apparent the task was too much for Libby, who was becoming dangerously underweight and showing signs of strain. Time for the humans to step in—this meant feeding and cleanup three or four times a day and lots of hands-on contact with the puppies to make sure they were adjusted and ready to go to new homes.  Thanks to a few good snapshots and social media, various families had already signed up to adopt all the puppies by the time they were five weeks old! The last three weeks of puppy raising was a whirlwind of feeding, cleaning and introducing the puppies to the great outdoors (chilly and snowy). Libby’s adoption story has a Big Happy Ending. All six of her puppies moved on to great families when they were 8 weeks old, and Libby finally joined Eric in her Forever Home.


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