A Pets For Vets Match Story

Bob, Esther, and Roxy

Our latest match is for a Veteran who served in both the army and air force in the 1960's! Bob and his wife Esther lost their dog a little over a year ago and they wanted a new companion but were not ready until now. Initially they wanted a dog between 30 and 50 lbs, but ended up with the new love of their lives, Roxy Puppy who is a 9 lb terrior who is so content sitting on their lap, keeping them company and just being loved by them. Almost every day we receive an email from them telling us how Roxy Puppy is bringing them so much joy and comfort and they feel as though she was brought into their lives for a very special reason!

After serving in the Army, Bob joined the Air Force Reserves where he spent time on  a cargo plane flying to various parts of the world dropping supplies to our troops. After 13 years of service Bob continued to work locally on the  US Cod for 20 years. We are so excited for Bob, Esther and Roxy Puppy as they begin their new life together.  

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