A Pets For Vets Match Story

David and Gracie

David Mock is a sweet and gracious man from Kentucky who enlisted in the Navy and served in the Lebanon conflict in 1979. When David returned home, he suffered a terrible tragedy. His home with his wife and dogs burned to the ground. David was devastated. He had lost everything—his home, his whole family—his world. David moved to Texas and has been struggling with loneliness and depression. That’s when David reached out to Pets for Vet for a dog.

Gracie has had an equally rough time. She came from the streets and suffered from mange. One shelter saved Gracie’s life but then ran out of money and closed its doors. Another chance was given to her when Friends for Life adopted her and saved her from an uncertain future. Pets for Vets met her soon after and knew she would be perfect for David.

 When David and Gracie met, David couldn’t keep his emotions in. He cried from happiness and couldn’t stop thanking Cherry, Gracie’s trainer; the Stewarts, Gracie’s foster family; and Pets for Vets. Now David is an official member of Pets for Vets family and Gracie finally has a home to call her own.

PS And now Gracie has a little kitten for a sister!!

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