A Pets For Vets Match Story

Deamonte and Sid

Deamonte Hatcher helped comfort many soldiers during her time as a Medical Corporal in the U.S. Army. Now, after serving others for eleven years, it was Deamonte’s turn to be comforted. Just after the Fourth of July in 2013, she contacted Pets for Vets, hoping to find a companion dog to help her with depression. Deamonte envisioned having a small, “laid-back” dog who would sleep on her bed at night and keep her company during the day.

Our trainer, Mark, was searching different shelters and rescue groups for the perfect dog when he happened upon Sid, a small, long-haired Lhapso Apso. When Mark told the Praying for Paws rescue group about Pets for Vets and who Sid would be helping, the PawPad generously offered to cover the adoption fees!

The good news didn’t stop there. From the moment Deamonte met Sid, she has been much happier, becoming more outgoing and enjoying a more active lifestyle. Deamonte tells us she takes Sid everywhere with her and feels less lonely. In an excerpt for a book called “There’s a Human in My Bed,” Deamonte says to Sid: “You get me out of bed in the morning and make me feel better. You make me smile. You’re my dog Sid. I love you.”

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