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Doc & Lizzy

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Matched: 5/1/2015

"My name is Jonathan "Doc" Farrow. Doc was the name given to me, and to many other U.S. Navy Corpsman and medics, in service to those who fight and die on the battlefield.

I have been out of the military since June 2005. After two "pumps to the suck” (two deployments to a combat zone), I managed to come back in one piece. But, as most of you would understand, my mind and my spirit were beyond fractured.

Since I have been out, I have worked very hard on being here in the present moment and allowing myself not to be in a “combat zone" every second of the day. I went back to school and have been able to chase after a long-lost dream of performing comedy and acting, both on the screen and in the theatre. My life has become exponentially better as I work on rebuilding personal relationships, being comfortable in my own skin, and healing -- one laugh at a time.

I now have a wonderful animal that looks to me, loves me and only wants treats, scratches, and to lick my face from time to time. I am so very grateful that I have a loving relationship that is simple, with a companion that won't complain when I snore too loud ;-)

Thank you so much, Pets for Vets!!!"



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