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John & Marty

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Matched: 8/18/2014

Pets for Vets – New Hampshire Chapter is proud to announce our first veteran-pet match with our amazing veteran, John, and his new forever friend, Marty!

After completing CGC training with trainer Jess and fosters Rick and Katie, Marty was ready for his forever family! Marty is a 2 year old Shepherd Lab mix that came from the Animal Rescue Network of New England. 

To quote John: “I am honored to have met Rick and Katie and am blessed for all of their guidance and support. That little guy is my bud thanks to Pets for Vets. Thank you Jess for training Doc Marty; he’s doing well.”

We thank you, John, for your service and for being part of Pets for Vets.

Thanks so much to everyone who participated, donated goods and services, and offered so much of their time to help make this match happen.

Thank you to Animal Rescue Network of New England for partnering with us for this match and being a wonderful resource and support system for us!

Marty will be a great companion for John and they are planning their first fishing trip together soon!

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