A Pets For Vets Match Story

Leif and Spyder

United States Army veteran Specialist Leif Meisinger suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injury, and many other physical and emotional injuries from his tour in Iraq. Pets for Vets first met Leif during the Veterans’ Day celebration at Los Alamitos. Leif was optimistic that a dog would help make his transition into civilian life easier. However his severe OCD could make finding a dog to fit his lifestyle difficult. Pets for Vets was up for the challenge and found Spyder, a Mexican Hairless dog. This is a rare breed that has a calm temperament which is great for therapy or emotional support animals.

CBS produced and nationally aired the story of how Spyder was placed with Specialist Leif. Everyone was all smiles when they saw Leif and Spyder interact for the first time. Spyder jumped into Leif’s arms and gave him warm kisses. It is easy to see that Spyder and Lief make a perfect match, Leif called Spyder “the raddest thing ever!” Spyder will help Leif by keeping his mind off of the horrors of war that he had to endure, help him manage his anger and provide him something positive to focus on throughout the day.

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