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Michael & Freya



Army Sergeant, Michael, served our country for 7 years. He was deployed to Germany and served a tour in Iraq. While serving in Iraq, an explosion to a nearby vehicle left Michael with invisible scars. He suffers from chronic migraines and was diagnosed with PTSD, anxiety and depression. Michael lives with his wife and three children. He asked Pets for Vets to help him find a dog that could alleviate some of his symptoms but would also fit with his family.

Freya was found at a local shelter with no background. Pets for Vets trainers assessed Freya’s temperament and adopted her specifically for Michael. After going through months of training it was time for Michael and Freya to meet!

The pair looked into each other’s eyes and there was a brief pause before Freya instinctively moved closer to Michael on her own – she knew that this was her person. Michael showed Freya around her new home and introduced her to the family. With a trail right down the road the pair quickly continued exploring.

Since being paired with Freya, Michael has noticed a reduction in his anxiety and depression. He is sleeping better and is feeling more grounded. They are a wonderful match and we are sure their bond will continue to grow.

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