A Pets For Vets Match Story

Steve and Toby

Stephen, a Navy Veteran who served our country for 2 years in 1992 -93, came to us with the hope of finding a loving dog to be his companion. His wife, Debbie, and he have a 12 year old son and also spend a lot of time with their young grandchildren. Based on their lifestyle, they needed to be matched with a dog with a gentle temperament and one who is especially good with children. Additionally, Stephen is highly allergic to dogs, so finding just the right one for him was very important.

Initially, Tina, one of our trainers, thought she found the right dog, only to discover by sending Steve a blanket the dog had lain on, that he was allergic to that dog. Tina found a loving home for this dog and began another search for the perfect dog for Steve.

About a month later, Tina discovered a labradoodle who was discarded from a puppy mill because he wasn’t adopted when he was young enough or “cute enough” and was given to a local shelter. We adopted the dog and Tina worked with “Toby” for 8 weeks making sure he was well socialized with both adults and children. On October 28th we presented “Toby” to Steve and his family. While this was Toby’s fifth move (including the puppy mill and the shelter), we are all excited to say he quickly made himself at home and has found his own special spot on the family couch! Most importantly, we are thrilled to report that there are NO ALLERGIES and Steve now has his forever dog and Toby has his forever family.

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