A Pets For Vets Match Story

Teri and Tucker

My name is Teri Montgomery and this is Tucker. I want to tell you how grateful I am to Pets for Vets for bringing Tucker into my life.

I am a Veteran with PTSD and a knee disability. Before Tucker came into my life, I seldom left my home. It's been such a blessing when I walk Tucker to enjoy the weather and meet my neighbors.

I love this little guy cuddling close to me when I have to rest my knee.

Thank you, Pets for Vets!!


Update from Teri:

Tucker has grown two inches taller since you last saw him! We first noticed that his belly wasn't wet anymore when he came in after going outside in the late evening. Then our friends started commenting on his growth. We compared to older pictures, and sure enough, he's taller.

Tucker continues to get lots of exercise these days. Danny and I both love this weather, so we are both taking him on long walks around our complex. He has several dog friends: one he plays with and jumps for joy with very well, a large older lab who tolerates his foolish ways and mothers him, several girl friends, and a delicate male friend who is blind in one eye. We socialize with neighbors daily and most of them love Tucker and say he looks like a teddy bear.

Danny and I can't remember life without him and love him so much. Thank you again for finding Tucker for me!

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