A Pets For Vets Match Story

Amy and Mac

Amy is a retired Air Force Staff Sergeant who served her country for 12 years. While trying to help herself heal from her anxiety attacks and PTSD, she learned about Pets for Vets from her local VA Center and immediately reached out to the Portland Maine Chapter.

When meeting with the Pets for Vets trainers, Amy described her life as one full of fear, always looking over her shoulder. Her hope was to have a calm, social, medium-to -large dog to be her constant companion.

Mac was homeless and in need of a loving companion himself.  His social skills made it obvious he had the calm temperament Amy needed. Mac quickly learned good manners and a solid body block so Amy could call him in front of her anytime she needed his help when experiencing an anxiety attack while in public places.

Mac and Amy were matched on November 10, 2015 and the bond between the two of them is a joy to witness. Amy says, “Mac is absolutely everything I needed; he has changed my life.”  With Mac by her side, simple things like entering her home are no longer stressful to her. Now she can send Mac in first and feel confident that he will alert her with a bark if there is an unknown person in the house.

Just three weeks after the match, Amy described Mac as “the perfect dog for me, I love him to pieces.”  She is now confident that she can live on her own as long as Mac is by her side, and has made an offer on a home for the two of them!

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