A Pets For Vets Match Story

Bill and Kylie

U.S. Army Lt. Col. Bill and his wife Martha recently became the proud parents of Kylie, a young yellow Labrador Retriever mix. Kylie's the epitome of a loving "therapy dog": she looks up adoringly at her Veteran and everyone she meets, follows him closely as he works (and she plays) in the backyard, and takes him out for walks in the neighborhood, where all the schoolchildren take turns petting her.

Having Kylie has helped Bill get out for daily exercise and socialization in the community, and both parents are so appreciative of the difference that Kylie has made in their lives.

Because of their great bond together, Bill, Martha, and Kylie were featured on Fox News TV this past New Years Eve in Times Square along with our Pets for Vets chapter: View Video Here.

We’re so happy to have them be a part of our Pets for Vets family!

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