A Pets For Vets Match Story

Chris and Allie

I was completely shocked to learn at a VA event that there was such thing as Pets for Vets. The process for applying for a pet was simple and straightforward. This program is run by caring, qualified, compassionate people whose main concern is definitely getting the Veteran the right, best-trained, very much needed in my case, pet they can find.

There is so much to say about my little Allie. The interview process had a lot of questions to answer about what kind of trained pet I would like. I remember saying I wanted a small dog. I would have liked to have some form of Dachshund because of how loyal and smart they are. I wanted a dog as a constant companion, one who doesn't bark incessantly, who wouldn't beg for food, who is happy and loyal.

Not only did I get exactly what I asked for, Allie is better than that. She is a quick little learner who aims to not only please me but is such a perfect fit in my family it brings me to tears daily. I am so grateful to have her. She is the smartest little thing I have ever had the pleasure of knowing and the best part is that she is mine. She sits in my lap most of the time, is ready to play at all times, does not mind the weather one bit when it is time to go potty. She is attentive, lovable and loyal.

She gets along with every single member of my family, including my granddaughter and my daughter’s and our mischievous puppy, Nezzy. She checks in with everyone a couple times a day but always comes right back to me. She follows me wherever I go, is always ready to do whatever it is I have gotten up for, including getting over her fear of the bath running when it is time to bathe my granddaughter.

She does not beg, she barks only once or twice when the doorbell rings, she does not bark at any other time -- she is perfect for me.

When the Pets for Vets trainers come they are happy to see their charge, sad to have to leave her with me but glad that Allie is so well-loved and a member of our family. I can understand all of the emotions around this little pup, she is the most impressive dog I have ever owned!!

I cannot thank Pets for Vets enough for their guidance, help, understanding and compassion. I cannot thank them enough for answering all of my phone calls and texts day and night and all of my questions. I appreciate them immensely. This program is much needed as far as I'm concerned and I am sure there are Veterans everywhere who agree with me whole-heartedly.

Thank you!!!


Chris Walters

USN Veteran

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