A Pets For Vets Match Story

Lori and Gunner

Without Pets for Vets, I would not have Gunner. In the short time I've had Gunner I have had no nightmares and can sleep through the night. I have been able to stop taking two medications. Plus, I was able to go outside my comfort zone and go to the Canine Good Citizenship class and we PASSED!

I cannot thank Pets for Vets enough for Gunner, he is such a blessing in my life.

Lori & Gunner
Army veteran

Update from Lori:

I've had Gunner about a month now. His reaction to my anxiety has been amazing. When he senses my panic attack coming, he will lie across my lap and help keep me calm until I can get my medicine.

I took Gunner to a Mother's Day gathering at my sister’s house. My aunt was there telling the story about selling her house. She started becoming anxious and crying. Gunner went and stood by her leaning into her. Trying to get her to sit on the couch so he could comfort her. My aunt said, "Lori is there something wrong with your dog?" I smiled and said, “No, he knows you are upset and is trying to comfort you. It's his job, he thinks.”

I cannot imagine life without him. My panic attacks are not as severe as they were and now when I have one, I have Gunner to comfort me and help me through it. My PTSD is not nearly as scary now as it was before.

I am truly blessed to have Gunner and cannot thank you enough.
Lori & Gunner

Second update from Lori:

Well, I have some amazing news. I was taken off of a very strong medication yesterday thanks to Gunner. My therapist says he has made a night and day difference in me. And she has recommended I go through a service dog program so he can become a full service dog. Gunner is wonderful!!
Thank you again, Pets for Vets!
Lori & Gunner

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