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Cody& Bailey


I was in the Army for almost 4 years and during that time a lot took place. I have multiple injuries that still bother me daily, I also suffer from PTSD and Severe Anxiety Disorder. June 12, 2019 I was honorably discharged and tried to find a job I could handle. After 5 different jobs and not being able to hold my emotions in check, I realized I was spiraling down. Family and friends weren’t supportive, and truthfully, I felt they were there using me in various ways. It took nearly 8 months to start getting VA disability and Section 8 housing approval.

From mid-January to April 18 I didn’t have a reason to live. I prayed that God would send me something or someone to give me a reason to live. Then on April 18, the Lord blessed me with Miss Bailey from Pets for Vets. Love at first sight! I’ve only had her a few weeks but she has changed my life for the better because not only do I need her, SHE needs me! She’s the child I never had, a reason to live, my world...

Now I spend my days with her by my side, caring for her and her for me. I look forward to the many years we have ahead and plan to work to certify her as a service dog. I want my love bug to go everywhere with me, knowing she’s ok and for her to know I’m alive and well, not having a panic attack with her by my side.
She’s a big baby, and that’s OK, because she’s MY big baby and I love her.

Cody – Army
& Bailey



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