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Steve & Freya

Matched: 4/27/2017

Steve was looking for a companion dog with whom he could go on long walks, spend time and help him meet his neighbors. He was new to the Orange County, CA area and had recently retired from the military. His family was not local and Steve felt he needed companionship.

Freya was found at the Orange County Animal Shelter. She was a lab mix who seemed to be the perfect match for Steve. She loves people, other dogs and playing ball. She was very easy to train and has fit easily into Steve’s lifestyle.

Steve has met many of his neighbors while playing ball with Freya. He has also taken up running which he and Freya really enjoy.

Steve says “At first I think we were both like, ‘Who is this?’, but now I can’t imagine being without her. She’s great with other dogs and I swear sometimes she knows how to communicate with me haha.”



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