A Pets For Vets Match Story

Earl and Dani

Dani, abandoned and pregnant, wandered to a family’s home in West Virginia. Unable to care for Dani the family reached out to their local rescue who took Dani in where she had 3 beautiful puppies. Her journey however, was just beginning.

Dani then made her way to Tales of Courage in Danbury. It was apparent to everyone who met her that she was a special dog. Dani’s vibrant personality won over everyone she met. Tales of Courage spoke with Rachael Beuchler, one of our trainers at Pets for Vets – ROAR-Ridgefield Ct about Dani being a possible candidate for our program. Dani was evaluated for her temperament and taken her to our veterinarian for a full medical exam.

Kristan Exner, President of Tales of Courage, put Dani on hold for us during this process. They easily could have adopted Dani to a local family but felt she could really enrich a veteran’s life. And that she has!! ROAR – Ridgefield Operation for Animal Rescue adopted Dani and then placed her with Lori Mazzola, one of our wonderful foster families. After a clean bill of health and training, Dani immediately became a part of Earl Renner’s life along with his wife Bella Marie. Dani has easily made friends with their cat and won the love of their children and grandchildren. Most importantly she is a constant companion to Earl, helping him stay healthy – emotionally and physically.

“Pets for Vets is a wonderful organization. They are very good for the veteran, getting my dog Dani has helped me get up and get moving. Dani is loved by everyone. I lost my dog about a year ago. Being disabled gets sometimes depressing. I can’t thank Didi and Rachael enough. They along with ROAR found us the perfect pet. Thank you so much Pets for Vets – ROAR-Ridgefield Ct. – Earl Renner”

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