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Erich and Libby

Pets for Vets is an amazing company of gifted people with experience and talent to find a furry friend for the veterans and their family. I have been battling 23 years with chronic PTSD, major depression and general anxiety disorder from years spent as a firefighter in the Air Force. It took 2 attempts to find my beloved “Libby” and the moment that I met her I just knew she was the one for me. She is so gentle and whenever I pet her or otherwise interact with her I can feel my anxiety and depression lessen. Having her sleep with me in bed allows me to sleep better. Not only will she become my service dog but I am looking forward to train her to be a therapy dog; allowing me to take her into retirement homes, hospitals and schools. There are no words to express my gratitude to those I worked with from Pets for Vets. They have given me great hope for the future and a companion to see myself move forward. I’ve been stuck in bed, isolating from people and suffered with bouts of suicidal ideation. Thank you Pets for Vets. You have saved my life.  

Erich - Air Force
& Libby

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