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Gapser &  Ziva


Matched: 1/30/2012


Gasper was a Sergeant in the Army during the Vietnam War. As a result of his time in service, Gasper has suffered with PTSD, depression and anxiety. His children made the initial contact with Pets for Vets on Gasper’s behalf hoping that a pet could help alleviate the feelings that welled inside their father.

Enter Ziva, an intelligent and sensitive terrier mix!

She spent many months being overlooked by the public at the SPCA in Long Beach. She quickly became a staff favorite, and they were the ones who contacted Pets for Vets. Immediately we knew she would be a perfect fit for a quiet, laid back Gasper.

Ziva excelled at her training and we soon discovered she had a special talent: alerting to low blood sugar levels and always finding the person who needed her most in each room, including in a stroke support group.

Ziva loves to roll down her own window on car rides, going for walks, being anywhere that Gasper goes and is adept at sensing his mood and especially being the best friend Gasper needed.

The two of them are perfect for each other.



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