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Irene and Her Dog

Irene wanted a dog but since she lives in a nursing home a live dog was out of the question. Pets for Vets SW IN provided her with a robotic dog.

The following is an article about Irene which appeared during July 4th celebrations on WEHT Evansville IN. Pets for Vets thanks WEHT for the use of the story.

Irene is 99 years old and served our country during WW II. She celebrates every day by wearing an American flag; and even her room at the Protestant home in Evansville IN is a tribute to those who continue to keep the country safe.
“We landed in the Carolinas, and oh! What a wonderful feeling to be back in America “ she says of her homecoming from England after her service.

If you ever meet Irene, ask to hear her WW II stories.
“We could tell whether these German prisoners could understand English, just by watching their eyes... 
When the men, including her husband, went off to war, Irene wanted to serve too. “I wanted to join the Navy, but they wouldn’t let me because I was married”. Irene didn’t take no for an answer...no matter who it came from. “When I wrote and told my husband, I got a letter back. There was nothing on the page, except two letters: N.O!”  She laughs.
She joined the Army as a nurse and was stationed in England. But her service came with a personal price. “I don’t think the girls today could stand what we went through. It was three years that I didn’t see my husband.” 
Irene’s memories of those long nights in England are filled with strange songs from German prisoners in her care. “At night, those men would sing. And it was beautiful. And we often said...We doubt very much whether our boys were allowed to do that”

Irene and members of her family have served in the Navy, Army, Air Force, National Guard and Marines.

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