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Our Latest Match HET


Matched: 1/18/2017

Introducing HET, our most recent match. He’s a small dog with a big name and a big personality to match. 
Our most recent veteran had been looking for a companion pet for several years.  He wanted a dog that would hang out and watch sports with him and who would make a good travel partner when he and his wife visit their son who is an Airman in the US Air Force. 
When we asked for name preferences for his new companion pet, the veteran said he wanted to call him HET.  What is a HET you ask? Well, that’s a military term for Heavy Equipment Transportation, which was his occupation as a soldier in the US Army.
We were so thankful to find this spunky and easy going ‘Chiweenie’ from 4 R Friends Rescue. We knew the minute we met him that this cuddle bug was going to be a great fit for our veteran. Since he moved to his forever home, HET has become a huge Cowboys fan and is wracking up some serious travel miles.  




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