A Pets For Vets Match Story

Keli and Maggie

Keli started her military career by joining ROTC while in college. She rose to the rank of Army Major and served in Iraq. Everything pointed to a long and brilliant military career, until events plunged her into PTSD. Keli has given her post-military time to raising her sons and trying to help other women suffering from PTSD and MST. Although helping others has helped Keli address her own trauma, she found that she was very uncomfortable, even fearful, at home, because her husband’s work takes him out of town frequently, leaving her the only adult in the house.

On September 5, Pets for Vets Houston presented her with Maggie, a beautiful Lab, whose uncaring owners moved away and abandoned her in a backyard. Love at first sight is the only way to describe both Keli’s and Maggie’s reaction to each other. They are now constant companions and each other’s rock.

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