A Pets For Vets Match Story

Neil and Tarzan

Neil Cunningham has always been a scrappy guy. Born in Queens, New York in 1944, he has never taken lip from anyone. But when Neil got out of the Coast Guard after serving in Vietnam, he needed help. Neil had a medical condition that causes him to lose blood pressure and faint frequently. This condition can be dangerous since Neil can suffer injuries if he falls when he is in a location that is unsafe.

That’s where Tarzan comes in! Tarzan is a Doberman and was found running the streets in Houston, Texas. Tarzan was brought to Harris County Shelter and was put on the schedule for euthanasia. Thankfully Tarzan was rescued by S.A.F.E. House, transported by Debbie Oliver and entered the Pets for Vets program.

Tarzan received companion animal training from our wonderful trainer Suzy Olsen with Down Boy! in Spring, Texas. Suzy trained Tarzan for public access and taught Tarzan how to brace for Neil if Neil falls and needs assistance getting up. Tarzan also helps stabilize Neil who has balance issues from a knee injury.

Tarzan and Neil are an impressive duo. Neil is 6’2” and Tarzan weighs in at almost 100 pounds. But they are both gentle giants. Now Neil feels safe and secure with his new dog Tarzan and Tarzan has a chance at a new beginning with a great and really cool Dad!

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