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Stephen & Teddy


Matched: 9/30/2014

When I first got Teddy from Pets for Vets, my brother asked, "What is the Pets for Vets? I'm seeing this organization everywhere." I smiled and thought how can I answer that question in a few words? Pets for Vets is just what the name states, but the impact of what Pets for Vets, via Teddy, has done for me is almost impossible for me to put in words. (The English language was my career.)

Anyone who watches the introductory DVD will become, like me, someone who is extremely grateful for their dedication, unselfish devotion of the time and talent, for veterans. The DVD is proof-positive of the clinical restoration of part, if not all, of the mental health of our battle-fatigued veterans who are so very deserving.

Stephen L. Martin



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