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Steve and Wrangler

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Meet Steve and Wrangler, our most recent match from the Portland Maine chapter!

Steve is a retired Army Veteran who has mental health conditions that would make it hard to take care
of a live dog. Steve found out about Pets for Vets online and saw that they offer robotic dogs to
veterans, to which he immediately applied. The process was simple, the people were friendly, and after
a very short time, Steve had his golden retriever pup who he named Wrangler. Thanks to Steve’s family,
Wrangler was promoted to a service dog, complete with vest. So far, Wrangler has brought great joy to
Steve. Wrangler plans to accompany Steve on car rides and long trips in order to ease Steve’s anxiety
and bring him comfort. Steve and his family would like to thank Pets for Vets for this wonderful

Here at Pets for Vets we strive to create the feelings of immediate recognition, comfort, and security
when a veteran is matched with their animal, also known as the Super Bond®. We are glad to have been
a part of facilitating the match between Steve and Wrangler and are looking forward to all their new



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