A Pets For Vets Match Story

A'hea Goes Home

We are very happy to announce that we are ringing in 2014 with another adoption. On January 3rd, Ahe’a, our American Bulldog rescue, went to her forever home. Our veteran requested a dog who would sit at his feet while he played music. Well, he not only got a studio mate; he got a four legged rock star. Between her striking markings and sweet disposition everyone just loves Ahe’a.

Our dedicated trainer, Debra, and her daughter, Camille, spent 5 weeks teaching Ahe’a her manners. They visited the zoo, went to parades and the waterfront and everywhere they went, people couldn’t help but love and pet her. If she wasn’t sitting on your feet she thanked you for the love by promptly flopping on her back so you could more easily rub her belly.

When Ahe’a’s veteran first met her he said that she was “perfect.” It only took a few days of bonding when Ahe’a began following her veteran from room to room. The veteran has taught her to fetch and they spend a lot of time at the dog park. When they are not taking walks they are making music and enjoying doggy play dates with fellow musicians.

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