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John & Bella


I did an internet search after my doctor talked about getting a pet. I found Pets for Vets in Columbus. I apperciate the work the chapter has done; they've been there to help me through this. They found the right dog for me. 

Bella is making me more aware of myself. She's beginning to notice my quirks and becoming more protective. When I walk around the apartment, she's my shadow right behind me. When I start to go into my depression, she senses that and lets me know there's someone there who cares for me. 

The biggest change is that I have to take care of somebody. I have to watch out for her, feed her, and take her for walks. This change in my lifestyle is great; she's a great companion. Bella is great and I love her a lot. 

Currently, I'm working towards my Masters in Addiciton Studies at Methodist Theological School in Ohio. 

I look forward to promoting Pets for Vets and helping other vets get their dog. Pets for Vets will find the right dog that fits your personality and family.



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