A Pets For Vets Match Story

Alex and Roxy

Alex served in the Army from 1989 to 1992 and was stationed in Germany when the Berlin wall came down. He suffered a spinal cord injury after falling from a four-story roof, which left him a partial quadriplegic. Alex has been hoping to receive a dog to keep him company when he is home alone. He also hopes that he will be able to give back to the VA Long Beach by training his dog to become a therapy dog.

It took awhile to find the perfect match for Alex. We found Roxy at Smashface Rescue and learned about her harrowing tale. Kyle of Smashface Rescue received a tip from the nieces of a man who was abusing his dogs. Kyle was able to secure Roxy and her seven puppies and remove them from the property. Roxy suffered major internal damage from all of the abuse she endured, including a ruptured spleen. After recovering, from her injuries she was ready for her “forever” home.

Pets for Vets worked with Roxy to increase her confidence around people. She was also desensitized to a wheel chair and taught to walk next to it. Roxy’s favorite behavior was learning to take peanut butter from a long handled spoon so that her new Dad would be able to feed her too. She was quick to pick up basic obedience and not to bolt out of doors.

The moment Alex met Roxy for the first time, he was speechless. She sat on his lap to be cuddled and taken for a ride around the house. Roxy had finally found her family.

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