A Pets For Vets Match Story

Meet Alice

It is common to wonder what stories shelter dogs could tell us if they were able. At Pets for Vets, we would love to know Alice’s story. She and her brother were found tied to the front gate of the North Bay Humane Society on Christmas Eve morning. Alice had been adopted out of this same shelter a year ago. She was back again. Sadly, a little worse for wear and in need of medical attention.

That didn’t stop our team of volunteers. When Kerri Mahon, a shelter volunteer and newest member of Pets for Vets, met Alice, she knew Alice could be a great match for a veteran in our program.

 After passing the behavior test, Alice needed to see a veterinarian. That is when Alice found a special sponsor in Julie LaValle. A Navy veteran herself and treasury volunteer at the shelter, Julie was very happy to know that this pup could find a new home with a veteran if we could evaluate her medical condition. She found a few generous partners who offered to pay for a health check-up for Alice. This was a wonderful gift not only to Alice but to Pets for Vets. Thankfully Alice had no major health issues and was given the thumbs up.

Alice was off to training. Alice’s trainer, Debbie, quickly learned that all Alice really needed was a person of her own which made training easy. After only 5 weeks, Alice was ready to go to her forever home.

On Valentine’s Day, Alice was placed with her veteran and it was love at first sight. Alice and her veteran are bonded and doing very well. She now spends her days going to school with her veteran and keeps him company while he grills his famous Tri-Tip steaks.

Alice is living her very own fairytale.

A Note From Our Sponsor, Julie LaValle:

“This picture was taken when I went back to see Alice ‘graduate.’ I am so grateful to be part of this and with all my heart and tears I would do it again. For me, it was about being able to bring together two of my passions, helping animals and helping veterans. It just doesn’t get much better.”

“And oh, what did Alice teach me? To forgive those who have abandoned you, keep a positive outlook and work hard to show people that regardless of your history, you can choose to make a difference in someone else’s life. I salute you Alice. May you serve your veteran well.”

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