A Pets For Vets Match Story

Chris and Oscar

Meet Chris, a decorated Army veteran of 17 years who is a recipient of the Bronze Star Medal. He retired after sustaining multiple broken bones and a broken back as the result of a life-threatening parachute malfunction.

When Chris reached out to the Portland, Maine chapter of Pets for Vets, he expressed an interest in having a dog that would go on walks with him to help him maintain his physical health.

After an extensive search by the Pets for Vets trainers, Chris was matched with Oscar, a calm, social dog who was trained for Chris’ specific needs. Due to his injury, Oscar needed to learn to walk only on Chris’ right side with a loose leash and no pulling. After many hours of training, the two finally met and there was an instant bond. Despite a flurry of activity and other people in the room, Oscar jumped right up onto the couch and leaned into Chris. He was home!

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