A Pets For Vets Match Story

Daniel and Pearl

Sgt. Daniel Pope served in the United States Army and spent 4 years in Vietnam in a Recon Unit, experiencing several intense fire fights. Upon returning home, he often had moments of high anxiety and bouts of anger. When he contacted PFV GA, he was seeking a large and loyal dog, one who would enjoy rides in the truck and going out with him on his boat.

Trainer Mary Pat Jones found the perfect dog for Sgt. Pope at the Southern Crescent Animal Shelter, a Catahoula Cur named Pearl. Sgt. Pope shared the following about his experience with Pets for Vets and the difference Pearl has made in his life.

“I cannot thank Pets for Vets enough. My Pearl has been a life changer for me. She constantly gives me an incredible amount of emotional support. With her I have no doubt that there is love in my life. Pets for Vets did an incredible job finding me the dog I wanted and training her for me.”
Daniel Pope

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