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David & Charlie

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Matched: 7/24/2012

Pets for Vets is honored to thank Sergeant David Mills for his service by introducing him to his forever companion “Charlie” for the first time.

Charlie is a 3-year-old female husky adopted from the Carson shelter. She was very depressed in the shelter and her fur was incredibly matted. After a thorough cleaning and de-matting, she went through the Pets for Vets training program to become ready to be with her new dad.

Sergeant Mills served over nine years in the U.S. Army. As a result of his time in Iraq, David suffers from PTSD, TBI, vertigo and pain from bone spurs. PTSD has made readjusting to civilian life extremely difficult; David is affected by nightmares and becomes anxious around people.

Charlie has been a huge comfort for David. She is his constant companion, always staying by his side, which helps Sergeant Mills be more comfortable in crowds as well as easing his vertigo spells. David is thankful for the bond he has formed with Charlie and loves to take her on walks, play and watch TV together.

Thank you to for making this match possible!

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