A Pets For Vets Match Story

David and Remington

Sargent David Yager has faithfully served 17 years in the U.S. Army and he remains on active reserve. He has seen several tours of duty, including tours in Afghanistan. In all his time away, the one thing which he held onto was his thoughts of home and family. In an active war zone, David said his dreams of home kept him connected to sanity and a sense of normalcy. During his service, David sustained a back injury and still experiences mild PTSD. Unexpected situations and sudden loud sounds, like fireworks, causes anxiety and heightened awareness of his surroundings.

David’s ready smile and easy laugh portrays a man who is content and grateful for what he has. Recently married, he and his wife, Allison, are expecting their first child later this year. They have also added a beautiful liver colored German Short Hair Pointer to their family through Pets for Vets. Remington was rescued from a shelter after he was found wandering. The love of the outdoors and hunting are something David and Remington both share.

David said having the dog is wonderful. Remington is an awesome dog who gives him unconditional love and comfort, and is a constant companion who socializes well even with other dogs. David described his life with a smile. Got dog, got wife, got a family, and now an extended family in the Pets for Vets community. That says it all!

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