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Jake & Tank

SWInd Jake and Tank.jpg

Matched: 2/5/2016

Tank coming into my life has been so amazing. I can't believe how fast we connected. It's like he knew exactly what he needed to do.

The friendship we have developed has made me feel so good. I can't believe how safe he makes me feel. He always is just concerned about me or it really seems that way. He can be so serious when we are out, but can be such a silly puppy at home keeping me on my toes.

He wakes me every morning and puts me in such a great mood because he never makes me really get up; he is just checking if he can lie next to me for a few more minutes of sleep. Loving to play and watching out the front window, climbing in my lap just to give a hug ...he is a great dog in so many ways. I'm so grateful for him! He is my best friend!

Jake and Tank



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