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John and Emma

Emma waits for John on the stair landing as soon as she hears his car pull into the garage. She often gets so excited she will  whine with excitement. Emma has filled a void making John so much happier and coming home to her after work each day gives John something to look forward to. Emma is a very special dog and we are so happy that John’s home is her forever home. They  love walking and running together but also sitting on the couch to watch a show. Having Emma has encouraged John to go outside more and given him more confidence interacting with other people. Emma is a happy laid back girl but is also protective of both John and their home. Super smart, Emma understands John’s commands and even responds to names of her stuffed animal toys. “I really didn’t know what to expect when I was getting Emma. I feel we are a great match and we love doing things together. I am really happy having Emma in my life. She is a wonderful companion and has opened up to me since I got her and I am opening up as well. Emma is an incredible dog who gives me unconditional love and support. I am really grateful that we have each other. Thank you, John.

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