A Pets For Vets Match Story

John and Moose

Meet our latest match! We were thrilled to bring John and Moose together. Moose is a very special little dog. Read how he is helping John.

 When our ten-year-old granddaughter, Carly, started on her campaign to have me apply to Pets for Vets® for a companion dog, I just went along with her not knowing that she was serious about it. Carly knows about my PTSD and my dark moods and nightmares.  She really believed that a companion dog could help me, so she filled out the application and sent it in.  We then heard from Didi Tulloch, Director of Pets for Vets-ROAR Ct Chapter, who invited my wife and me to meet with her to tell us about the program and interview us. She also paid us a home visit. Fast forward a couple of months, and Didi delivered us Moose. Thank you to our trainer Mary-Jo Duffy for helping us all transition to living together and giving us great training tips to be great dog parents.

Moose has impacted my life in many ways. When Moose was with us only about two weeks, I had one of my bad Vietnam nightmares. Moose jumped up to my head and started licking my face to wake me up. I couldn’t believe he could do that, but I was grateful to have him in my life. 

My focus is no longer on me and my memories. I have started to enjoy going to the park with Moose to get him exercise. It’s giving me something to look forward to everyday. I’m getting exercise and getting out of the house. He loves going there and we’re socializing, meeting other people and other dogs. When we come home, he sits on the recliner with me and sometimes we take a nap together.  

Playing with Moose is also lifting my spirits and reducing my stress. I’m always thinking of new ways to play a game with him and he seems to really look forward to playing with me.  

Moose is very loving and loyal to me and my wife, Nancy, as well. The entire family loves him, especially our four granddaughters.They love to run with him in the park.  

Recently, I had surgery and am now recuperating at home and getting physical therapy.  Moose does not want to leave my side.  When one of the therapists was checking my vital signs, she wanted to let Moose stay nearby.  When she put the oxygen clip on my finger, Moose just laid over my hand.  She then put the blood pressure sleeve on me and he just moved up and laid over my arm very protectively.  That’s when Nancy took him for a walk so the therapist could work. He never even growled at her.  He was just watching out for me in his own way.  

 We are so happy that Moose has found his forever home with John and Nancy. Thanks to trainers Mary-Jo Duffy & Evelia Rivera along with foster parents Paul Noonan and Michael Burke and partner Jane Morrison for making this match possible!

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