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Jose & Ranger


Matched: 5/19/2013

Staff Sergeant Jose Pila returned from tours in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom suffering from PTSD, TBI and physical injuries. After his return, Jose has dedicated his time to helping other service members through the San Gabriel Valley Veteran Employment Committee and as an Academic Counselor for veterans at a community college. He came to Pets for Vets plagued by nightmares, high anxiety and hyper vigilance. Daily noises would jolt his mind back to his time in Iraq. He desperately needed a buddy to help him stay calm, relax in large crowds and help watch his back.

A Husky/Malamute mix from the SPCA LA Long Beach was selected and trained specifically for Jose; a strong, stoic dog who has a knack for recognizing the emotional needs of his human counterpart. Jose named him Ranger since he was an Army Ranger. Ranger is instrumental in reducing Jose’s anxiety in crowds, sleeps in bed with him to eliminate nightmares and even “clears a room” for his new dad. They spend every moment together, even at work Ranger rests peacefully by Jose’s feet.



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