A Pets For Vets Match Story

Larry and Saylor

As soon as U.S. Army – Combat Medic Larry and Irish Terrier/Irish Wolfhound Saylor were matched, it was an instant bond. Larry, a Veteran of the Vietnam War 1966-67, and his faithful Saylor have promoted Pets for Vets in the Thumb of Michigan for several years. They participate in parades with the float that Larry built. Saylor was the star, enchanting the parade goers, winning a trophy and enjoying the attention. Sadly, Saylor passed away November 30, 2017 from Sudden Death Syndrome. Larry continues to support Pets for Vets by presenting to his VFW Post in Bad Axe, MI, participating in parades and raising awareness of the program. Thank you, Larry, for your service and for all you have done to support Pets for Vets.

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