A Pets For Vets Match Story

Mac and Sandy

MacArthur (“Mac”) Reed is a proud veteran of the war in Vietnam. Mac’s living room has a bookcase lined with the mementos that mean the most to him. Among those are pictures of his family and the many medals he was awarded for his exemplary service in Vietnam.

Although Mac is confined to a wheelchair, he lives on his own in Spring, Texas. His son lives nearby, but Mac is the kind of self-sufficient man that made him a good soldier. Mac asked Pets for Vets Houston to give him something that was missing from his life: a companion to share his home and make him laugh. Sandy was the perfect dog for Mac.

Sandy was found in a dumpster by a homeless man, who wanted to keep her, but soon realized his circumstances were not good for her. Sandy eventually made it to DogTown Texas, where she was recognized as a happy, calm dog that would make an excellent companion for a Pets for Vets Houston veteran.

After being trained at DogTown, Sandy was presented to Mac. Sandy took to Mac immediately, and brought each of her toys over to him to let him look at them. For his part, Mac considers Sandy the best companion he could have wished for. She loves to cuddle up with him to watch TV and proudly rides alongside Mac in his truck when he’s running errands. She loves Mac unconditionally. And it sure looks like the feeling is mutual!

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