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Octavius & Petey

Matched: 7/4/2016

Octavius has served his country in the Army for over twenty years. On a deployment to Afghanistan a few years ago, while working as a helicopter crew chief, Octavius suffered traumatic brain injury and an injury to his left arm that has made his left hand nearly useless.

In addition to his physical injuries, Octavius suffers from the “invisible wound” of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Octavius, who ran track at LSU before joining the Army, has been working to put his life back together. He has developed a passion for recumbent cycling, and has participated in many races over the past three years, nabbing first place in all but one of them. Still, there was some-thing missing.

That something was Petey, the Pets for Vets Houston dog presented to Octavius in late May.

Petey was rescued from Montgomery County Animal Shelter and is a gentle, happy, enthusiastic companion. Petey and Octavius walk or run for at least thirty minutes every day.

Petey has already learned how to awaken Octavius when he is having nightmares, and is being further trained to help Octavius carry small items that are difficult for Octavius with his arm injury.

Octavius has big plans for Petey: He plans to photograph Petey in front of the state-line signs of all 50 states! Petey will be a very well-traveled dog. More importantly, he’ll be one of the best-loved.



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