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Sadie Joins the Family

NorCal Sadie.jpg

Matched: 11/26/2014

Pets for Vets is excited to announce that we have completed our first match for a veteran in Red Bluff.

He is the father of two small children, who wanted a companion that would help him return to some of the activities he enjoyed prior to his service.

Our trainer Stacy found this stunning American Foxhound at the Tehama County Animal Care Center where she also volunteers her time with the rescue animals there.

Stacy named this even-tempered, calm beauty of a girl, Sadie, which means “Protective Sister” because she knew that Sadie would not only be a protector for her veteran but also to his children.

Today Sadie and her veteran spend time hiking and bow hunting. Her veteran tells us that Sadie is one of the family and they spoil her like they do their children.



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