A Pets For Vets Match Story

Steve and Jimi

My life had become a mess, so I went to the VA at West Haven, Connecticut, and checked in to seven years of ongoing programs. One of my therapists suggested I get a pet to help me through sleepless nights. I turned to my friend and asked how to get a companion animal. She got me in touch with Pets for Vets® - Roar-Ridgefield Ct. 

We both went to the shelter to look for a companion cat for me. I chose Jimi Hendrix, a black, domestic short hair cat. Jimi calms me down, removes pain, prevents night terrors and guards me from any one or thing from catching me off guard; he watches my surroundings by riding on my shoulder and has a different meow as speech. Jimi knows snoring is a prerequisite to night terrors and woke up my girlfriend (haha)!

Jimi’s best friend (other than me) is my girlfriend’s Pets for Vets® dog, Wookiee. It is a match made by the Gods. Since getting Jimi, I have been able to get more than my normal sleep. My days are more fulfilled. I am no longer alone. I am forever grateful to Pets for Vets® - Roar-Ridgefield Ct and all of their Sponsors for changing my life.

Thank you,
Steve and Jimi

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