A Pets For Vets Match Story

Zach and Henry

Zach is active Army personnel and has had 3 overseas deployments. Currently Zach is working as an Army recruiter here in Michigan. We received Zach’s application for a Pets for Vets buddy and discovered that he’s here on his own, pretty far from family. With such distance and a full time gig, Zach could certainly relate to what it’s like for his fellow servicemen and women returning Stateside and feeling a bit isolated.

“Henry,” a goofy Beagle mix, was languishing in Animal Control when our trainers discovered him. His pre-shelter story was unclear and it wasn’t obvious that Henry had ever actually lived with human companions in a home. Nevertheless, our trainers saw his true potential and were drawn to his loving, playful personality. Several weeks of training brought out the very best in Henry who turned out to be extremely smart and very social with humans and dogs. What an incredible match for Zach’s wonderful sense of humor and busy life! Henry and Zach were united mid-September and over the past month, they’ve learned a lot about each other. "My life has changed: I'm happier in general and more outgoing and social since Henry was matched with me," said Zach.

We’re so happy for you two! Looking forward to hearing of your adventures!

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