Matches at Cleveland, OH 

Matches From Cleveland, OH

John and Dexter match Stacy.jpg
John & Dexter

John is an Army Veteran who served our country from 1973 to 1976. He was stationed in Korea and then in Texas. He reached out to us to see if we might be able to help him find a cat to spend time with and to help combat his loneliness.

Bob 1.jpg
Bob, Esther & Roxy

Our latest match is for a Veteran who served in both the army and air force in the 1960's! Bob and his wife Esther lost their dog a little over a year ago and

Lee and Lucy 1.jpg
Lee & Lucy

This match was made on January 24, 2020 between Army Sgt Lee, who served our country in active combat in Afganistan. Lee and his wife have 2 children who were all very excited to adopt their new dog Lucy.

steve littleton dog Toby match day2 .jpg
Steve & Toby

Stephen, a Navy Veteran who served our country for 2 years in 1992 -93, came to us with the hope of finding a loving dog to be his companion. His wife, Debbie, and he have a 12 year old son and also spend a lot of time with their grandchildren.

Billand Roxy.jpeg
Bill & Roxy

William served our country from 1959 through 1965. He is devoted to our country and to all Veterans who have also served in the military. After losing his last dog, Bill was feeling lonely and missed having the companionship of a small dog. Once he and his wife met Roxy, it was love at first sight!  
I often get notes from them sharing their joy in the little dog that has entered their lives. One note sent said, "Roxy has become a part of the family.  You'd think she had been here forever.  She has adopted the extra bedroom as hers!" His wife wrote, "Bill has her on his lap always and she has taken over our bed! It has helped him so much"
What a blessing and an honor it is for our chapter to help our Veterans find such joy in sharing their lives with a shelter animal who makes each moment more meaningful!

Chris and GINNY Match day Aug., 2019.jpg
Chris & Ginny

This is our first match with a veteran, his wife and their 3 kids! Their new dog Ginny, seamlessly fit into their household with their 3 young children. She immediately went to her new owner Chris, and warmly greeted...

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