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Ezra & Roxie


Matched: 9/2019

SW IN Pets for Vets presented Roxie to me in September 2019.  She has been such a happy little dog I can’t imagine life without her.

I live in an assisted living facility, everyone here loves her.  All that we pass want to pet her.  She doesn’t play with her toys...she just wants people!

When Sheryl & Marti first visited with me I told them I DID NOT want a dog in bed with me.  Well, I didn’t even make it through the first night. HA. Little Roxie stole my heart and snuggled in under the covers with me.

Another little secret we have....I sneak food from my plate in the dining room to take to her in our room. She gets so excited.

At a recent family reunion she was the hit of the party, especially with the kids. They all loved running and playing with her.

I can’t thank Pets for Vets enough for my fun, loyal, trusty companion. Life is so much more fun now with Roxie the Rock Star!
Ezra - Army
& Roxie the Rock Star



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