A Pets For Vets Match Story

Roger and Lady

I'm a Marine from Vietnam days. Lately my life has been going rather tough. My dog died last summer and I have been really lonely. My friend, Paul, told me about Pets for Vets and helped me apply.

I received Lady December 9th, along with absolutely everything I needed to take care of her. She has made me laugh more in the past two weeks than I can ever remember laughing. Sleep had been a real issue but with Lady on the bed with me I sleep much better. I'm not stressing out over normal stuff; she comes to me and gets on my lap and licks me in the face.

I thought I was "rescuing" her from shelter life but it's Lady who has rescued me. I just signed some papers and now she's MINE! This old Marine will cry crocodile tears if anyone takes her from me. I just don't have words to explain what she means to me!

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